Stories Worth Telling (Sworte) Talks 13: Are You Nigerian Enough?, Sun, March 24th 2019

Theme: Are You Nigerian Enough?

It’s our 13th edition and for Stories Worth Telling (Sworte) Talks 13, the theme is – Are You Nigerian Enough?

Nigeria is a nation of diverse tongues, cultures, traditions, beliefs and even religions. In spite of all, we have been together for over 58 years. We have seen a lot of cross-cultural marriages and inter-religious alliances, despite the cultural stereotypes that are widely believed. So many terms have been attributed to the opinion of some that we are separated, (such as referendum, restructuring, federalism, etc.), yet we are still here bearing that one identity – Nigerian. Now we ask this question that is seeming like a mystery, ‘what binds us together as one? Our storytellers are from diverse backgrounds and have had different experiences, they will be sharing their stories to help us address the theme: Are You Nigerian Enough and answer the question – what binds us together?

We hope to see you there!

ADMISSION IS FREE, but you have to register and get a ticket.

Our Storytellers (Speakers) for the day include:

  1. Mrs Ayopeju Njideaka

  2. Mrs Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu
  3. Mr Odia Ofeimun
  4. Mr Gbenga Oyebode
  5. Ms Jennifer Soba Pearse

And will be anchored/moderated by Aderonke Adebanjo.

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Muson (Musical Society of Nigeria) Centre, Muson Access Road, Onikan, Lagos, LA, Nigeria