History: We’re interested in articles that remember particular occasions, as well as new revelations or explorations of significant moments in history. We are also interested in intelligently curated lists related to historical memory; interviews with significant historical figures, or under-explored historical figures, places or ideas are welcomed.

Creative Economy: We are interested in articles about the creative economy in the widest sense [including technology, science, creative arts, food culture, film etc. In particular, we are interested in interviews that explore things happening in business; features shedding light on new ventures; explainers of particular ideas from an African perspective – or exploring the impact of particular innovations or phenomena from an African perspective. We consider manufacturing and the sciences to be a part of the creative economy.

Popular Culture: In this category, we are interested in profiles of figures, people, trends and ideas in popular culture [with a focus on popular African culture] as well as features on new ideas, exhibitions, events and people. In this category, we are principally interested in cultural products for popular consumption this includes music, film and other stuff.

It goes without saying that articles and topics in which these three areas intersect are of great interest.